When it comes to safety & security, DigitalPlus is one of the leading IT equipment suppliers in Pakistan. Fire Resistant cables Pakistan from DigitalPlus are best for applications environment when there is a need to secure power supply, also during a flame. Fire-resistant cables are free of halogen, and when used in a bundle it does not contain spread fires or any PVC. Halogen-free cables use those materials which are easy to recycle.

Fire Resistant Cables in Pakistan By DigitalPlus

DigitalPlus is the leader in supplying a full range of fire resistant and redundant cable in Pakistan from last 2 decades. These cables are also known as fireproof or fire survival cables. We are authorized distributor and re-seller of world-renowned security brands in Pakistan. Our fire resistant and redundant cables include enhanced grade manufactured by European standard.

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We have also a wide range of fire retardant cables in Pakistan, including power cables by ST Cable which are approved by European safety standards. Fire safety cables are designed to ensure that it bears any kind of harsh condition. Its quality ensures that emergency systems in the residential/commercial building continue to operate in some of the most extreme fire conditions.

During a fire attack, these cables keep maintaining its operational capacity because of non-flammable and protected mica band folded around the copper conductors. Moreover, fire-resistant cables create only a few amounts of smoke and it doesn’t spread the fire.

Importance Of  Fire Safety Cables

Fireproof cables are specially designed for installation where to be safe, it is necessary that signal, alarm control, and energy controlling system works in a fire emergency. DigitalPlus offers:

  • Fire Resistant Cables
  • Fire Retardant Cables
  • Power Cables
  • EMC Cables
  • Signal Cables

All equipment used in the installation of fire-resistant or retardant cables must also be fire-proof. We have a wide range of safety products, contact us today and secure your asset. We supply all these safety cables in Pakistan to all major cities of country at most reasonable price.