DigitalPlus is one of the leading safety and security equipment distributor, supplier, and wholesaler of world-renowned brands serving since 1997. We are on the top list in safety and security item suppliers in Pakistan. We have a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential safety and security items. Our mission to provide safety to peoples according to their need in Pakistan. We provide safety items at the most reasonable price. We are authorized dealers of the world top most safety and security items manufacturers like Honeywell, HikVision, Notifier, Ceia, TrendControls, Optimusaudio, and System Sensor.

safety and security item suppliers in pakistanServices by Over Brand In Pakistan:

  1. CCV Cameras Surveillance
  2. Digital Door locks services
  3. Attendance device Lahore
  4. Access Control System
  5. Fire Detection System
  6. Walk Through Gates Security Company Pakistan
  7. Biometric Attendance System Pakistan
  8. Forensic Items in Pakistan
  9. Solar Panels
  10. Electronic Security Solution Pakistan
  11. PA(Public Address) System Pakistan
  12. IT Equipment Supplier Lahore Pakistan
  13. PV Modules in Lahore Pakistan
  14. Razor Wires Installation Pakistan